What Happens at Woodcraft?

Woodcraft Canada has weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm at First Unitarian Church (170 Dundurn St N) where we gather to play outside, explore topics about the environment and society, plan projects and prepare for camps.  We participate in regular community service projects such as park and alley clean ups or taking part in climate strike rallies and pride parades.  We also work with our hands to create useful things, and learn how to safely use knives, saws, axes and Coleman stoves, how to tie knots, and learn other camping skills.

Finally, several times a year we go camping for the weekend at nearby (or not too far) conservation areas and provincial parks where we explore and learn about the natural world, and how and why it should be protected.  We also run around a lot in the woods and see where our creativity takes us.  We hike, we play in lakes and streams, we build structures in the woods, and sometimes we even sleep in them overnight.

We do this all while learning how to stay safe, and develop leadership skills, resilience and self-reliance so we can help young people to become the leaders and doers that our world so badly needs.

We are also committed to consensus based decision making, and a democratic process.  We work hard to ensure everyone’s voice is represented equally, and that the youth all feel they have a say in how the group is run and what activities we do.  We are also committed to consensus based decision making at the leadership level, and believe that many voices are much better than just one.